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Bean Fly

Ophiomyia phaseoli

Bean fly, Ophiomyia phaseoli is a shiny, metallic black fly 2 mm in length, with a wing span of 5 mm. Eggs are laid on the upper or lower surface of leaves. Maggots tunnel through leaf tissue (silvery mines), to the petiole, branch and/or upper part of the stem, and then down to the root. Affected plants may exhibit wilting, stunting, cracked or swollen stems, and death. Important in tropical Africa and Asia.

Factors favoring
  • Presence of previously infested crop debris
  • Lack of crop rotation
  • Poor sanitation of previous legume and weed debris
  • Contaminated seed
  • Susceptible varieties
  • Moderate to high moisture conditions favor slugs
Plant damage by Bean Fly
Plant damaged by Bean Fly
Bean fly adult
Bean Fly adult
Additional Resources

H. F. Schwartz and F. B. Peairs (Colorado State University)

Photo credits

Courtesy of F. B. Peairs-CSU, K.K.Mauna-Asiatic Agr. Ind., and M. Sheppard et al. –SE Asia [](09/2011)