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Bean Slug

Sarasinuala plebeia

Bean slug, Sarasinuala plebeia, can consume entire leaves or even seedlings and also feed on pods. Slime trails often are present on affected plants. Adults live 12-18 months and reach 5-7 cm in length. Most damage occurs along the borders of fields, especially in weedy fields near streams. An estimated economic injury level is 0.25 slugs/m2. It is an intermediate host for Angiostrongylus costaricensis, and A. cantonensis which are nematodes pathogenic to humans.

Factors favoring
  • Presence of previously infested crop debris
  • Lack of crop rotation
  • Poor sanitation of previous legume and weed debris
  • Contaminated seed
  • Susceptible varieties
  • Moderate to high moisture conditions favor slugs
Sarasinuala plebeia
Sarasinuala plebeia
Sarasinuala plebeia
Sarasinuala plebeia
Additional Resources

H. F. Schwartz and F. B. Peairs (Colorado State University)

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Frank Peairs, Colorado State University,