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Curtovirus species

Genus: Curtovirus; Family: Geminiviridae

Beet curly top, Beet mild curly top, Beet severe curly top, Spinach curly top, Pepper yellow dwarf, and Pepper curly top virus


Figure 1 – Yellowing (chlorosis) of leaves is the initialsymptom of Curtovirus infection in common bean.

Figure 2 – Yellowing, leaf curling, leathery leaves; severe Curtovirus symptoms in common bean.

Figure 3 – Yellowing (chlorosis) of leaves in Curtovirus-infected cowpea (Vigna unguiculata).

Factors favoring
  • Leafhopper vector presence (Circulifer tenellus)
  • Virus is transmitted in a persistent manner; is retained when the vector molts; does not replicate in the vector; is not transmitted to the offspring of the vector; is not sap transmissible or by contact with infected plant parts.
  • Infected weed reservoirs (hosts) from previous season.
  • Other infected cultivated hosts in the vicinity during vector dispersal (>300 hosts are recorded in ~44 families).
  • Warm temperatures greater than 30°C [86°F]
Yellow leaves
Figure 1
Yellow leaves
Figure 2
Yellow leaves
Figure 3

Judith K. Brown, The University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ

Photo credits

Courtesy of Jason French and Natalie Goldberg, New Mexico State University