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Legume ipmPIPE Diagnostic Series

Pod Borers

Apion godmani, Epinotia aporema, Heliothis spp., Maruca testulalis

Pod borers, Apion godmani (Fig. 1), Epinotia aporema, Heliothis spp., and Maruca testulalis (Fig. 2) lay eggs on or near pods, after which larvae penetrate pod walls and feed on pod tissue and seeds. A. godmani is a weevil, while the others are caterpillars.

Factors favoring
  • Presence of previously infested crop debris
  • Lack of crop rotation
  • Poor sanitation of previous legume and weed debris
  • Contaminated seed
  • Susceptible varieties
  • Moderate to high moisture conditions favor slugs
Apion godmani
Figure 1 - Apion godmani
Maruca testulalis
Figure 2 - Maruca testulalis
Additional Resources

H. F. Schwartz and F. B. Peairs (Colorado State University)

Photo credits

Courtesy of F.B. Peairs, Colorado State University and K.K. Mauna, Asiatic Agr. Ind.