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Legume ipmPIPE Diagnostic Series

Storm Damage Estimation Tool

Protocols based on National Crop Insurance Standards.

Compare and document damaged and non-damaged portions of field or fields of the same variety and plant age.

Record variety, row width, emerged density in row ______

Record stage of plant growth (VE to RH) ______

Record dates of planting, storm event(s), evaluation ______

Measure number of plants remaining (Fig. 1) in 1 bed by 20 ft = 1/1000 Acre at 5 representative sites in the affected area of the field; subtract number remaining from emerged plants to estimate % plant loss.
Plant Stand (number/acre) ______

Estimate percent of foliage (Fig. 2), stems and branches (Fig. 3) damaged (torn) or removed by the storm activity in 1 bed by 20 ft at 5 representative sites.
Foliage, Stems & Branches (percent loss) ______

Evaluate percent of pods for evidence of storm damage (as cuts, nicks, dents, bruises) on exposed outer pod walls (Fig. 4) and discolored or shriveled seeds on 10 to 25 plants at 5 representative sites (Fig. 5)
Pods & Seeds (percent affected) ______

Plant density
Figure 1
Foliage damage
Figure 2
Stem damage
Figure 3
Pod damage
Figure 4
Discolored or shriveled seeds
Figure 5
Additional Resources

H. F. Schwartz (Colorado State University), R. M. Harveson (University of Nebraska), and G. D. Franc (University of Wyoming)

Photo credits

Courtesy of H. F. Schwartz [02/2011]